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Alan Stacy CGU Dean Office of the Provost
Ali Nadim CGU Professor Math Office of the Provost
Alita Watkins CGU Sr Accountant For Finance 2 Finance Associate Vice President
Allen Omoto CGU Adjunct Professor Office of the Provost
Allon Percus CGU Associate Professor (Tenured ) Math 02 Office of the Provost
Amy Hernandez CGU Staff Accountant Student Accounts Manager
Anselm Min CGU Professor Religion 03 Arts & Humanities Dean
Antoniette Guglielmo CGU Content Producer For Getty Leadership Institute Getty Leadership Executive Director
Bernard J Jaworski CGU Professor Ito School Of Mgmt 01 Drucker & Ito Graduate School of Management Dean
Bin Xie CGU Associate Professor Research 05 Office of the Provost
Brenda Leswick CGU Associate Vice President Hr Finance Vice President
Brian Hilton CGU Associate Professor Clinical Info Science Office of the Provost
Bridget Lawlor CGU Misc Administrator Drucker 3 Drucker Institute Executive Director
Carl Johnson CGU Professor Scgh 01 SSSPE SGH Professor
Carol Suter CGU Assistant To The Provost Office of the Provost
Carolyn Williams CGU Development Assistant Director of Prospect Research
Carrie Herr CGU Program Coordinator Finance
Mandy Bennett CGU Administrative Coordinator Drucker Associate Dean of Drucker
Charles Kerchner CGU Emeriti Office of the Provost
Charlotte Ballesteros CGU Program Coordinator Math Mathematics
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