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First Name Last Name College Title Department Category Phone (Extension) Email
Laureen Adams CGU Adjunct Payroll Adjuncts
Jacob Adams CGU Professor (Tenured) 02 Office of the Provost
Adeola Adegbemijo CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Abinash Adhikari CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Kenneth Adkins CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Stephen Adolph HMC Full Professor Office of Academic Affairs Academics (909) 607-1872 (71872)
Elizabeth Affuso PIT Director Of Intercollegiate Media Studies Media Studies (IMS) Academics (909) 607-7025 (77025)
Ayat Agah TCCS Library Assistant Special Collections Team Library (909) 607-4278 (74278)
Lydia Aguiar CMC Administrative Assistant Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum Athenaeum (909) 621-8244 (18244)
Richard Aguilar CMC Groundskeeper I Facilities and Campus Services Grounds Facilities (909) 607-9735 (79735)
Irma Aguilar HMC Cashier/Food Service Worker Dining Services Dining Services (909) 607-2675 (72675)
Cheryl Aguilar CMC Special Assistant To The President Executive Cabinet President's Office (909) 607-1232 (71232)
Jesus Aguirre HMC Groundskeeper Grounds Facilities (909) 6218226 (18226)
Vanessa Aguirre TCCS Assistant Controller And Director For Budget And Analytics Financial Services Business Office (909) 607-4698 (74698)
Roxana Aguirre POM Dining Cashier Dining Manager Dining Services (909) 607-9280 (79280)
Jaime Aguirre Sanchez PIT Utility (Dining Services) Dining Services Dining Services (909) 607-2788 (72788)
Zafirah Ahmed CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Emaan Ahmed TCCS Muslim Chaplaincy Assistant Muslim Chaplaincy
Anna Ahn-Ros HMC Faculty Department of Biology Academics (909) 607-9122 (79122)
Anisha Ahuja HMC Faculty Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts Academics (909) 6218022 (18022)
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