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First Name Last Name College Title Department Category Phone (Extension) Email
Jennifer Abarca TCCS Applications Support Specialist Enterprise Application Services (909) 6079076 (79076)
Kenneth Abbott CGU Adjunct Payroll Adjuncts
Ayman Abdelaaty KGI €“ Student €“ Default Student Org Default
Sam Abdelmuati HMC Instructional Support Coordinator Department of Engineering Academics (909) 607-3530 (73530)
Janan Abdelmuti CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Mark Abdollahian CGU Adjunct Payroll Adjuncts
Q Abdullatif SCR Visiting Lecturerpsychology Psychology Academics (909) 607-1846 (71846)
Jack Abecassis POM Professor Vice President and Dean of the College (909) 621-8950 (18950)
Cindy Abercrombie HMC Assistant Vice President/Deputy Cio Computing and Information Services Information Technology (909) 607-9000 (79000)
Suzanne Abouelnasr CGU Assistant Director Of Admissions Admissions and Recruitment
Sneha Abraham POM Associate Director, News & Strategic Content News & Strategic Content Communications (909) 621-8514 (18514)
Amani Abu-Hashim CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Rachael Acello SCR Director, Career Planning & Resources, Institutional Advancement (DIV) Advancement and Development (909) 621-8180 (18180)
Jose Acevedo POM Maintenance Technician I Facilities (909) 607-0895 (70895)
Michael Acevedo POM User Experience Specialist Communications Communications (909) 607-4115 (74115)
Cristian Acevedo PIT Research Analyst Institutional Research and Assessment Institutional Research
Eduardo Acevedo CGU Adjunct Professor
Nancy Aceves TCCS Nurse Practitioner Student Health Services Student Health Services (909) 607-8860 (78860)
Becky Ackley SCR Administrative Assistant To Humanities Director Academic Support Academics (909) 6218237 (18237)
Catherine Acosta PIT Assistant Director For Financial Aid Office of Financal Aid Admission and Financial Aid (909) 621-8208 (18208)
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